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by Spencer Mitchell on July 16, 2012

Ipsos Banner 1Get paid to take surveys. Are there any 5 sweeter words in the English language? Because I’ve had a lot of people emailing me lately that are confused about the process of getting paid to take surveys I decided to take a back to basics approach and give you the exact step-by-step process that I use to make $200+ per month from paid survey sites.

Can You Really Get Paid From Surveys?

I want to make something abundantly clear that there are legit survey panels that will provide you with legit surveys for money. Unfortunately, a few bad apples have spoiled the barrel (or whatever the expression is) and have led people to assume that all survey panels must be a scam.

In fact, I’m often disturbed to find people just getting interested in paid online surveys seeing nothing but negativity from people on forums and Q&A sites. Perhaps these people got burned by a phony survey panel or maybe they’re just super-skeptical. Either way, I don’t want you to think that paid online surveys are something that are made up only to rip gullible people off. They are a legitimate market research technique that’s growing in importance as the internet becomes a more integral part of our daily lives

Sadly, some people have taken advantage of the real paid survey opportunities that exist by promising tens of thousands of dollars of easy money. While surveys are somewhat easy, that doesn’t mean there’s no work involved –there is. Anyone that tells you that you can make money online without a lot of hard work and dedication is probably fibbing (and that’s a nice way to say it!).

Is there a middle path? Yes. That’s what I try to preach here at Survey Spencer: not too much skepticism…but not blind optimism either. In this post I’ll try to give you a realistic outlook on how to get paid to take surveys legit.

Here are the basic steps you need to take in order to start making money from surveys for money:

Learn The Ropes

Like anything in life, before you set out to take paid surveys, you should definitely learn a bit about the following:

  • How paid surveys work and why they exist in the first place
  • How to identify a get paid to take survey scam and avoid them
  • Which survey panels pay the most (and pay reliability and on time!)
  • How to maximize your earnings by picking the best survey panels

Also, I recommend a few resources that I found helpful when I was just starting with paid surveys, especially this report on market research.

In addition to the information that I write, I recommend checking them out to get a full-spectrum picture about what surveys for money are all about:

Start The Sign-Up Process

Your success with surveys for cash will depend on two factors, as best displayed by this formula (yes, I’m a big nerd):

Surveys Taken x Payment Per Survey (PPS)=$ earned from surveys
Surveys taken is simply how many surveys you complete in a given time period. This may or may not count pre-qualification surveys, which sometimes pay you a nominal amount for your time (this depends on the particular survey panel).

The number of surveys that you take depends on a) how many survey panels you belong to and b) how many surveys you complete that you qualify for.

By far the most important of the two is the number of survey panels that you’ve signed up for. While some paid survey panels (like Ipsos I Say) tends to have a decent amount of surveys for you to take every week, no single survey panels will be enough for you to earn anything significant. That’s why I highly recommend joining as many legit survey panels as you can get into. Remember: it’s better to have too many survey opportunities than not enough.

But be very careful of get paid to take survey scams, which are something that are sometimes hard to spot with the untrained eye. Just be sure that the survey panel is one that’s been around for a while and is 100% free and you should be OK. There are a lot of other factors to consider, but a long as you screen for those two you’ll automatically screen out 90% of the survey scams out there. If you’re still unsure, check out these helpful tips from

Also important is your dedication and commitment to paid surveys. You can qualify for every survey on the planet, but if you don’t bother to take any, you’re not going to make much money. It’s really important to apply yourself and carve out a few hours per week (or even per day!) dedicated solely to completing surveys. If you want to work from home you really do need to actually work.

Get Paid to Take Surveys Image

Finally, we have PPS. This is something that’s almost 100% out of your control as the survey panels themselves decide how much to pay for each completed and valid survey. However, there are a few ways you can leverage the highest paying surveys in order to make $25 or more per survey:

  1. Join Established Panels: Panels that have been around the block for years (or in some cases, centuries in their offline form) tend to pay significantly more per survey than new kids on the block. This makes sense as older, trusted panels tend to have relationships with corporations with big pockets. Panels like I-Say by Ipsos and My Survey are two of the highest-paying survey panels around, but certainty not the only two.
  2. Be Honest and Open: Survey panels know when you speed through a survey just to get to the end. If you want to qualify for legit paid surveys, such as product testing, then you need to be part of the elite survey panelists that takes the time to complete surveys thoroughly. This is especially the case where you write something as market research companies may single you out for a well though our answer.
  3. Be Picky: When first starting out, you may be tempted to take any survey invitation that comes along simply because you want to start making money. While this isn’t a bad idea, you should be aiming to only to take the highest-paying surveys around. However, the amount the survey pays isn’t necessarily an indicator of how much you’ll make. There’s also the issue of how much time it takes to complete a particular survey. While there’s no magic formula for determining how much you’ll earn per hour from surveys, this is something you’ll pick up from experience as the number of surveys you complete piles up. I also recommend keeping a stopwatch with you to determine how long it takes you to finish a survey.

Are Paid Surveys Right For You?

Another important thing you want to ask yourself is: are you passionate about market research? Obviously, this is something I love as I started an entire website about it. But maybe paid surveys aren’t for you. Remember that there are a lot of other ways to make money online that have nothing to do with surveys.

What I love about surveys is that they’re really easy, require no investment whatsoever (just time) and I can take them from wherever I feel like, whether it’s my living room of my local Starbucks. I hope you have fun, work hard and (most importantly) get paid to take surveys!

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