iPoll Review: Should You Try This Site?

by Spencer Mitchell on July 29, 2012

WARNING: I do NOT recommend iPoll.

I highly recommend that you join Ipsos I-Say because it’s a MUCH better-paying survey panel.

Although I never signed up for this particular survey panel, I decided to after many readers had been asking me to do an iPoll review (they recently changed their name from SurveyHead). I’m going to personally sign up to this paid survey panel and see if it’s a trustworthy site or not. So if you’re ready for a straightforward and unbiased review of iPoll.com then read on as I give you the 411 on this popular survey site.

What Is iPoll?

iPoll is pretty much like every other paid survey panel out there in the sense that you sign up, get invited to market research surveys (which can also include product testing and focus groups) and are compensated for your opinion. Now that we have the basics out of the way, let me discuss that makes this paid survey site different than others, such as Inbox Dollars and Valued Opinions.

New Panel: Relative to many other survey sites operating today, this site is brand new. Their parent company, the United Sample Network, opened up shop in 2008. While I’m usually skeptical about new survey panels, it’s now been 4+ years that they’ve been in business with little to few complains from their members.

PayPal Payments: There’s nothing better than getting payments straight to your checking account. While this survey site doesn’t do this (none do), they at least give you payments to your PayPal account, which is the next best thing.

iPoll Cashout: It seems that nearly every surveys for money website on the planet these days is interested in phasing out their simply cash-for-surveys system with an unnecessarily complex¬† points and rewards system. Not iPoll! Their surveys pay in cash so you know exactly how much you’re going to make from a given survey. This means no complicated math or hard-to-understand points systems. Simply find a paid survey, complete it fully and get paid a certain amount.

How much does this panel pay compared to others? Like most, they have a wide range of payments that depend on the length of time it takes to complete a survey and the market the survey happens to be in. What’s cool about iPoll is that you get $5 just for signing up!

A Blog: Their site also has a pretty cool blog with motivational insights and tips for maximizing your earnings from their survey opportunities. No, it’s not as good as Survey Spencer, but it’s still pretty cool! :-)

Does It Really Work?

I just finished up a one-week trial to see how iPoll compared to other top survey panels, like Ipsos I Say and MySurvey.com. Here are my findings:

Overall, I had a positive experience with this survey panel and it has the features that you look for when joining (sign up bonus, great customer service and a simple to use interface).

Also, I really appreciated the sheer amount of surveys that I was eligible for. Maybe I got lucky, but I was invited to over 10 surveys in my first week! This is a great sign because it means that they have relationships with companies that are actively seeking opinions. I can’t tell you how many survey panels I’ve joined in the past only to get invited to a handful of surveys per month. Sometimes it’s not even worth the time to sign up and fill out my profile. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with this site and I was taking surveys 5-minutes after confirming my email address.

Another feature I appreciated was the fact that they told you how long it would take you to complete a survey (approximately, of course) –and were actually pretty darn accurate! Many less reputable survey panels rope you in with a quick “15-minute” survey, only to have you fill out dozens of long and repetitive question! I can say that iPoll must get their estimations from the actual time it takes to complete a survey because they were spot on almost every single time.

Because this panel is so popular, you do need to move fast if you expect to participate in the highest paying survey opportunities (usually $10). There were one or two occasions where I was late to the party and missed out on a $10 survey. Those things happen with every survey panel and isn’t unique to this panel.

Here are Other Reviews I Found

As has become the norm here at Survey Spencer, I love to take a look around the web for other people’s reviews of survey panels before signing off on them. I’ve found that people can have VERY different experiences with survey panels, so I wanted to see if others enjoyed iPoll as much as I did.

Most people agreed with me that this panel has an above-average amount of surveys for you to take and tends to pay at or above what is fair. However, there were a few complains I want to point out (although I didn’t personally experience any of these problems). One issue people had with the website is that the minimum payout is $35 (it was $25 until a few months ago). While I agree this is a bit high, it’s actually lower than other survey panels, which often have a $50 minimum cashout amount. People were also a bit irked about the 4-week processing time. Again, this is annoying but not unusual in the industry.

One feature I thought was cool and others agreed with is their dashboard. Unlike many survey panels that tend to simply tell you which surveys you “may” qualify for, iPoll actually gives you the likelihood of you becoming a paid participant. Please note that the surveys on your dashboard may not be the same ones that you receive emails about. One of the tricks to doing well with this survey panel is logging in everyday and giving every survey a go just in case you may qualify. If you just passively wait for surveys to get emailed to your inbox, you won’t make nearly as much.

Here is what the dashboard from their official site looks like:

SurveyHead Review Image

As you can see, it tells me surveys I may qualify for right when I sign in. Pretty cool!

If you need a survey panel to help bulk up your paid survey income, then I hope you can see in this review that there are definitely better sites out there to consider signing up with.

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