Ipsos I-Say Review

by Spencer Mitchell on June 29, 2012

When it comes to paid survey panels, it’s hard to beat Ipsos I-Say. With some of the highest paying surveys in the industry (up to $90 per survey!), exclusive connections with top brands and reliable payouts, there’s not much to report in my Ipsos I-Say review except that I highly recommend signing up today!

Is Ipsos I-Say a Scam?

When people first learn about Ipsos Isay (also known as I Say by Ipsos), they often think that there must be some sort of scam happening behind the scenes. After all, how can you be expected to actually earn money just for sitting in front of your computer and telling them your opinion on new products, websites and movies that are set to come out in the coming months. And like any legit surveys for money panel, it’s 100% free to join and they never ask you for any payment whatsoever.

But if you think about the incredibly high demand for consumer’s opinions, it quickly becomes clear that big businesses have to pay for your opinion or they’ll be left in the dark. In fact, they’ve been paying people to take part in focus groups and product testing for decades. The only difference is that a lot of the research has shifted online due to the fact that they can better target consumers and it’s easier for people like you to participate.

That’s where Ipsos I-Say comes in. They are a massive research company that helps companies reach active and opinionated consumers like yourself. And they’ve been around for over 10-years in their current online form, paying people consistently for their opinions. So in short, there is no such think as an Ipsos I-Say scam. The site is legit and you should give it a try.

My Hands-On Review

Because they’re possibly the best online surveys for money website going (and have been since the 1990s), I’ve been a member of Ipsos I-Say since the early days of taking paid online surveys.

I consistently receive over a dozen survey invitations in my inbox everyday (and even more when I enter the site through the Ipsos I-Say sign in page) and the pay for each survey is about $15-$95. Of course, the $95 surveys are rare and take more time, but they do exist.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that, like many survey websites out there, Ipsos I-say uses a points system to calculate payouts. Here is what that looks like in their member’s area:

Ipsos Rewards Screenshot

Fortunately, these can be redeemed for cash if need be, but are also eligible to be used for prize drawings and gift cards. Although I personally tend to turn my points into money, it’s nice to have the flexibility to choose how you want to be rewarded.

The Credibility of Ipsos I-Say

As I mentioned, Ipsos (the parent company that runs Ipsos I-Say) is one of the largest and most well-established market research firms in the world. This isn’t come survey site that’s going to try to get your credit card information and run away. In fact, if you ever read the news about some nationwide survey, chances are Ipsos I Say was part of the group that conducted the research.

Importantly, they’re part of non-profit trusted market research organizations, like¬† ESOMAR and Casro (to learn more about opinion research, you may want to check out this page from Harvard.edu). They’re also registered in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and have been for years.

In other words, Ipsos is a long standing company that you can trust. And they’re online market research arm — Ipsos I Say — is just as trustworthy.

Digging Deep Into Ipsos I-Say Reviews

In order to make my Ipsos I-Say review as thorough as possible, I decided to look and see what other people were writing about the company from their personal experience.

Here’s what I found:

  • Most people had glowing things to say about Ipsos, in terms of the surveys that they personally qualified for and payouts, the general consensus tends to be that Ipsos I-Say is one of the best surveys for money panels going right now.
  • One complaint that seems to be popping up is people having issues redeeming their points. However, most people that had this issue reported it in November 2011 and state that their customer service team was polite and took care the problem politely and promptly. I’ve personally never had any issues with Ipsos (and never even had to contact their customer service team), so I think this was an isolated incident.
  • Another things people tend to like about Ispos I-Say is the fact that they give you points even if you don’t qualify for a survey. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting invited to survey, taking the time to fill out the first few questions, and then being rejected with nothing to show for it! While you may only get a few points for surveys you don’t qualify for, it’s definitely better than nothing!
  • You may have heard about the Ipsos I-Say $5,000 college scholarship. Unfortunately, this offer closed a while back and is no longer active (if you need a scholorship then I recommend checking out this report via US News and World Report). However, that doesn’t mean you should give up hope on winning a prize from Ipsos. They offer regular drawings of cash,¬† points, iPads and other electronics. For example, they just awarded a $5,000 check to someone in New Jersey! The only “catch” is that you need to actually take a few surveys a month to get entered into their contests.

If you’re looking for a fun, rewarding, well-paying and trustworthy survey panel, look no further than Ipsos I-say! I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Ipsos I-Say and have a positive experience from this survey panel.

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