My Personal CashCrate Review: Is This Site a Scam?

by Spencer Mitchell on June 15, 2012

WARNING: I do NOT recommend CashCrate.

I highly recommend that you join Ipsos I-Say right now because it’s a MUCH better-paying survey panel.

One of the most popular surveys for money sites on the internet is While they’ve been around for over 10-years, many people still ask: “Is CashCrate a scam or a legitimate approach to make money online?”.

As someone who has used the site for nearly 5-years I can report from personal experience that is a decent panel and they offer a legitimate way to make money online (albeit only about $1-$5 per survey).

CashCrate Review: The Basics is pretty much like any other paid online surveys site. The folks at do the work of finding companies that need the opinions of consumers like you. In this way, they are sort of the middleman that brings together active consumers and large company’s research departments.

Unlike many other paid survey websites gives you a lot of autonomy when it comes to choosing how you want to be rewarded for your time. You can choose to be paid in rewards points, cash, gift cards or entries to contests.

Because they’ve been around since 1999, you know they’re the real deal. No survey sites that are scams are going to last for 13+ years. In fact, just a cursory look at the reviews on popular forums will show you that this site has an excellent reputation in the online surveys community.

Under the Hood

To help you see what it’s like to use Cash Crate I’ll take you step-by-step through the registration process and show you the inner-workings of the site.

First, you need to sign up. (Right now they’re giving away a $1 bonus for signing up so make sure to sign up now if you want that bonus). You’ll see a screen like this:

Cash Crate Review

Simply fill out the form and press “Join Now” and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Once you confirm you can start taking paid surveys right away.

Next, login using your email and password and you’ll be presented with a number of offers. Here is an example:

Cash Crate Scam

Although the payment isn’t enough to make you rich, they fortunately only take a few seconds or minutes to fill out.

Here is an example of a survey I recently took at CashCrate:

Online Survey Cash Crate

Obviously you need to be a contact lens user to fill out this particular survey, but you’ll see many that’ll fit your demographic. In fact, many surveys on tend to be about cars, gas usage etc. So if you drive a car then you already qualify for most Cash Crate surveys.

That’s all for my CashCrate review and I hope that shows you that there is no such thing as a Cash Crate scam.

CashCrate Tips

Go For the Best Surveys: All surveys on Cash Crate are not created equal. Some pay you a lot of money for a brief survey while others force you to fill out a survey for 90-minutes with only a few dollars to show for it. Only experience will tell you whether or not a survey is well-paying per hour, but it’s an important thing to learn early on so you can maximize your return on investment.

Also, considering we all have different interests, you may want to opt for paid surveys that are in areas that you’re interested in/passionate about. For example, if you’re a cat lover then gravitate towards surveys about cat food or cat beds. They may not pay the best but they’ll at least be more enjoyable than filling out surveys about TVs or other topics that don’t interest you.

In that way, the word “best” is relative when it comes to CashCrate surveys. Once you sign up for Cash Crate and do you own personal Cash Crate review you can see for yourself which system works best for you.

Stay Focused: Many people spend time on the and simultaneously look at Twitter, listen to music and watch videos on YouTube. Considering each survey only pays a few dollars you really need to bare down and focus on taking surveys for a while. Otherwise you’ll only be making a few dollars per hour.

Expect Offers: No CashCrate review would be complete without mentioning the fact that you’ll be receiving offers in your inbox from businesses that they work with. While this is a bit annoying, it’s how they’re able to stay in business. If this sort of thing bothers you (it definitely bugs me!), then use a separate email address when you sign up to CashCrate. And you can always get in touch with their Contact Us page if you run into problems.

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