My Personal Toluna Surveys Review

by Spencer Mitchell on July 7, 2012

Survey Spencer’s Bottom Line:

I highly recommend that you join Toluna right now because it’s a high-paying survey panel.

Get ready because I’m about to go “under the hood” at Toluna and show you what I found here in this thorough review of the site. Before I do, I think I should touch on what Toluna Survey Center is and how you can make money from it.

Toluna Scam…Or Legit Survey Panel?

When people first hear of the concept of surveys for money from this strangely named site they usually think that there must be a Toluna scam of some kind going on. After all, why would someone pay you just to sit in front of your computer and take surveys all day?

Well, the simple answer to that question is: “because that’s how companies do market research nowadays!”. How else do you expect them to find out about what opinions you have on topics as varied as new movie trailers, video games and cleaning products? The only way they know how is to ask!

However, they learned a long time ago that asking nicely isn’t enough to motivate people. They need to compensate people like you for their time and effort. However, they’re quite busy already having to develop and market products. They really don’t have the time to set-up their own market research company just to see what can of Coca-Cola people think looks better. What they do instead is hire a company like Toluna Research to come in and take care of the market research for them.

How to Make Money From Toluna

You can start earning from real paid online surveys from this site quickly and easily. However, before I get into these steps I want to say that surveys from this site don’t pay amazingly well (as is the case with most survey panels). However, if you get lucky and qualify for a well-paying survey then it is possible to make some decent money from them. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up at the site
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Sign-in and enter a bit more demographic information about yourself
  4. Wait to be invited to surveys
  5. Enter more detailed information about you for each survey (to see if you qualify)
  6. Get paid!

It’s really that easy. In case you still have your doubts I’m going to go into a bit more detail about Toluna and compare it so some other popular survey panels.

My Personal Review of Toluna

First, let’s see what this company is all about. One common (and unfortunate) theme in the paid surveys community is the fact that many phony survey panels spring up out of nowhere, gather thousands of email addresses and never pay what they promise.

Therefore it’s important to see whether this panel is a real market research company or just one that’s out to rip people off. The first thing I looked at was whether or not Toluna had been in business for a while. This is really important because market research survey panels that have been around for a while tend to be more legit.

With the way word spreads nowadays on the internet, no fake site can last for long. I’m happy to report that Toluna is a large company with multiple global locations that has been doing business for over a decade. In short, you can trust them!

Next, I checked to see what others had said about the site on forums and paid survey review websites. Overall, the site had pretty mixed reviews. On one hand, people were happy that they paid better (in rewards points and contests) than some other survey sites. People also liked the fact that you only have to be 13-years of age to join (many survey panels require you to be 14 years or older). You can also answer surveys from your iPhone: a neat feature!

Also, people said they received an above average amount of invites from them (however, they did note that they qualified for very few of them).

The site offers two tiers of survey rewards: one for those just starting out and for veteran survey panelists. This is something that I really appreciate because you find that many survey panels offer low-paying surveys just because they are afraid people won’t take the time to fill them out accurately. Because you must fill out preliminary “interest surveys” before you begin this screens out those people that aren’t serious –meaning higher-paying paid online surveys for those that are!

Finally, lets discuss the rewards you can expect from this survey panel and how well they compensate you when put side-by-side with CashCrate, My Survey and some other top survey sites. Toluna has a points system that allows you to redeem them for cash, prizes and virtual gifts which are these weird things you can give to your friends. I prefer to simply just get the money. All you need to do to redeem your points is earn about 60,000 points, which amounts to $20.

While the payments they offer aren’t as good compared to many other survey panels out there they’re still worth joining.

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