My Review of Tellwut Survey Panel

by Spencer Mitchell on October 14, 2012

I was poking around a few make money online and paid survey forums the other day and there was a lot of talk about a new survey panel with a bizarre name: Tellwut.

Because I was curious (and because I’m always looking for quality, legit survey panels to join) I signed up. And today I wanted to post my Tellwut review so you can learn about this up and coming survey site.

Bottom line: I recommend that you join Tellwut today. However, it’s important to note that they only accept people 14 years of age or older that are based in the US or Canada.

Overview of Tellwut

Although this panel hasn’t been around as long as Ipsos and some others, it does have the credibility indicators that I look for in a panel. Before pulling the trigger and singing up, I went to their official site and started poking around to see how transparent they were (by the way, this is a habit I recommend getting into).

Remember: when you first come across a survey panel you should ignore the bells and whistles and find out if they’re legit. Too many honest, hard-working people get ripped off after seeing a new site offering $100 surveys. You need to get your hands dirty and learn more about new panels (especially those that don’t have a lot of reviews yet) before signing up.Tellwut Logo

Everything at Tellwut was as I like to see it: lots of active members, no unrealistic promises, and an easy to find contact form. So far so good. I checked out the BBB, but they weren’t listed there. Honestly, I do prefer to see BBB listed panels, but it’s not the end of the world. Overall, my gut told me this was a legit site that I should join.

Is The Site Any Good?

Obviously you’re interested in how you can get paid from filling out paid surveys, so I’ll get right to the good stuff: rewards and payments. The good news is, the rewards points you get from this panel are quite generous. For example, you get 100 points just for signing up and each survey tends to pay fairly well. And like CashCrate, they have a really awesome and straightforward referral program (more on that later).

After confirming my email and signing in for the first time, I was absolutely floored by the number of surveys available to me. Typically, when I join a panel I only get 1-2 surveys for the first week so they have a chance to see if I’m a serious panelist or not. This definitely wasn’t the case with Tellwut. And if you’re one of the many survey panelists that can’t seem to get enough invitations, then you’ll love this panel.

To give you an idea of the number of panels they have available, check out this screenshot from my account:

Tellwut Surveys

Yes, that’s 191 surveys! Let me clear my calender now because I’ve got serious work to do.

What’s even more impressible is that the surveys they offer are VERY brief. I’m talking 6-10 simple check box questions. Sure, they only pay 10 points or so per completed survey, but they only take a few minutes to finish. As someone that’s been taking marathon-level surveys lately I was pumped about finishing 10-15 surveys in an hour.

You’re probably wondering what types of questions you’ll be answering as a panelist at Tellwut. Unlike many survey panels, this one doesn’t seem to have any sort of specialty or focus. Sometimes I’ll be giving my opinion on tattoos, then about my regrets in life and a few minutes later I’ll find myself discussing the finer points of the Coke vs. Pepsi debate. This definitely keeps things interesting.

Rewards Points

How do rewards at Tellwut work? It’s a pretty simple rewards website: you get approximately 5-10 points for every survey that you fill out (in my experience, about 75% of their surveys are worth 10 points). As mentioned above, they hook you up with 100 points just for joining. And if you decide to give them some of your personal information (which helps them improve their survey accuracy by providing their business partners with better information) you’ll get some extra points as well.

You’ll need to rack up at least 4,000 points in order to redeem your rewards. 4,000 points is equivalent to $10 Amazon Rewards card. And if you participate more often and rack up a ton of points (which I’m aiming to do), you can get some pretty cool stuff, like an Motorola tablet and gift cards to top retailers like Best Buy. Accumulating a lot of points won’t happen overnight, but if you grind and work hard at filling out surveys and referring friends, it will happen.

Survey Software Tools For Small and Large Businesses

I do want to point out a feature of this panel that makes it unique from some others: small business market research. If you’ve spent any amount of time at top survey panels you can usually figure out what company is behind each survey. And for the most part they tend to be massive multinational corporations.

That’s obviously not a bad thing, but I like the fact that Tellwut works with small businesses that are often on the cutting edge of technology and the web. And they offer every business a free trial so that frugal business owners have chance to try the service before paying anything.

Referral Program

If you’ve ever become a member of Swagbucks (you can read my review of that survey panel here) then you already know how many rewards points you can earn from referring friends and family members. Tellwut hooks you up with 25 points for every person you refer to their program that signs up. Obviously, the more people you send the more points you get earn so you might want to look beyond Facebook and Twitter and actually find some other ways of recruiting people. You can learn more about their referral program (and their site in general) by heading to their homepage here.

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