My Survey Review: Is It For Real?

by Spencer Mitchell on June 29, 2012

Bottom Line: I Highly Recommend MySurvey.

I highly recommend that you join the site because it’s a high-paying survey panel.

My Survey is one of the original paid survey panels on the internet. Because it’s been paying people consistently for their opinions for so many years, I highly recommend signing up.

My Survey Panel: How It Works

If you’ve ever signed up for a paid survey panel, such as Survey Savvy, then you already know how the site works. In short, you sign up using their simple and short sign-up form, enter some basic demographic information about yourself, and start taking surveys.

However, has a wrinkle that makes it a bit different than other survey sites: rewards points.

Now I know you’re probably groaning about the fact that you don’t get told in plain and simple terms: “If you take survey X you get paid Y dollars.” Trust me, as a long-term survey respondent, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with complex and opaque points systems.

However, one thing I want to make clear in this My Survey review is the fact that the site is legit and you CAN easily and instantly redeem your awards. That means no unreasonable waiting periods, no rejections and no getting ripped off. My Survey is as legit as paid survey panels come.

Although no one really LIKES rewards points, you should keep in mind that My Survey points are legit (which can’t be said for some other sites!).

They’re very straightforward about how many points you earn from a survey and how much you can get in “real world” value from each survey. For every 1,000 points you rack up, you get $10 in cash (via Paypal). See, I told you that was easy, didn’t I?

The next thing you’re probably wondering is what is the typical My Survey points value per survey. Obviously, like any surveys for money website, that varies depending on:

  • The length of the survey
  • The time is takes to finish the survey
  • The number of qualified people
  • If there is any special expertise or knowledge required from the participants

Online Reviews: Lots of “Thumbs Ups”!

Although my opinion counts a lot towards a recommendations of the site (after all, I am Survey Spencer!), I don’t want to do any review in a vacuum.

To make sure this review was as thorough as could be, I looked around at top forums to see other people’s My Survey reviews.

Here’s what I found

One thing that most people stated was that they payouts were pretty good, even though they are partly obscured by points. As I said above, you get $10 per 1,000 points. I’ve had days where I’ve taken 5-6 500- point surveys, which amounts to about $45. Not bad for filling out a few simple surveys. You can also redeem your points for merchandise (TVs, shoes, clothes, gift cards etc.) if you prefer. However, I prefer real dough any day of the week!

My Survey also have prizes where you can earn thousands of points just for being a member. Most paid survey panels make your entries to the panel proportional to the number of surveys you take. Not! They allow you to enter contests even if you haven’t taken a survey there in weeks. Although I’ve never one myself, one win from them is worth A LOT of rewards points.

Although not important for everyone (especially those new to paid surveys), My Survey puts a premium on fun and rewarding surveys. As someone who takes surveys almost full-time, I really appreciate the fact that they care about your level of engagement with a survey. That’s one thing that has struck me about this site from the beginning: that they actually seem to care about you, your opinion and your well-being.

Next up, is My Survey’s customer service. I’ll be honest, I absolutely love online surveys for money, but that doesn’t mean I always enjoy contacting their customer service. It can sometime seems that you’re at the absolute bottom of their t0-do list! Fortunately, My Survey has excellent customer service that is courteous and respectful.

Importantly, they also try to sprinkle variety into their market research surveys as often as possible. This means focus groups, product testing and other out of the ordinary survey opportunities.

Should You Sign-Up?

As long as you’re at last 14-years of age or older, you may want to give My Survey a shot. Considering the fact that they’ve been around since 1999 tells you that they are a legit site that pays well and pays on time…but it’s not a site without some serious shortcomings.

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