Online Survey Jobs: Where to Find Them, How to Get Them

by Spencer Mitchell on September 10, 2012

Ipsos Banner 1Are you on the hunt for online survey jobs? If so, there are some important things to know before you begin so you can a) avoid getting scammed, b) find the best legit survey panels and c) spend your valuable time filling out the highest paying surveys.

Without further ado, let’s cover each of these topics in detail:

Avoiding Paid Survey Scams

I really wish I didn’t have to talk about this, but it’s a sad reality that scams are common in the work from home jobs/make money online market. I guess they think people are so desperate to leave their 9-5 jobs that they’ll be gullible. Fortunately, I’ve noticed that more and more people are becoming savvy and are now able to spot a paid survey scam from a mile away (which is awesome).

That being said, there are dozens of people duped every single day into thinking they’re going to become the world’s next billionaire from filling out surveys for cash. Any level headed person will quickly realize that this is unrealistic and that the only way to really earn a lot of money is to start your own business and work hard. And while paid surveys aren’t necessarily “easy”, they definitely wouldn’t quality as most people’s definition of hard work.

Besides the empty (and lofty) promises, what are some other things that most online survey jobs scams have in common?

First, they typically have some sort of monthly or one-time membership fee. For example, one trend that’s growing in popularity are membership websites that hook you up with paid surveys. As someone that once (stupidly) joined these sites I quickly found that these weren’t real paid survey panels at all. They were just lists of surveys that I never qualified for. While I was initially upset (and almost gave up on the ideas of real online jobs), I eventually got a cooler head and looked at the experience as a life lesson. That’s actually one of the reasons that I started this site: to teach people my hard-won lessons with online surveys so they didn’t have to.
Lastly, most shady survey sites try to hide what they’re up to and lack transparency (check out the FTC for more info on this). For example, if you try to find an address or phone number, most real sites will have it prominently displayed on their homepage or contact us page. Buy shady sites will typically hide this information, or not provide it at all!

Find Legit Paid Survey Jobs

As mentioned, Survey Spencer was designed to teach people about paid surveys so they didn’t have to spend the hours I did learning the ropes. And one area that often trips people up is finding well-paying survey panels.

Obviously, even if you enjoy taking surveys, you’re still in it for the money. There’s nothing wrong with that; the market research firms behind the panels feel the same way! That’s why everyone asks me which panels pay best. And when I rank the survey sites listed here on this site (for example, Global Test Market or our #1 recommend panel, Ipsos I-Say), I use payouts as the most important criteria.

There are two ways to go about finding the best survey sites: doing all the work yourself and learning through trial and error or reading real reviews and joining the best based on those. If I was someone new to online survey jobs I would prefer the latter for the simple reason that it will help you start taking surveys much sooner (often within a few minutes of signing up).

However, there’s nothing wrong with the hybrid approach. First, you join survey panels with the best reputation. Once you feel that you have a good handle on those, start your own hunt. The best part of this strategy is the fact that you’ll gain invaluable experience as you take more and more surveys. This will develop an instinct that will help guide you when confronted with a site promising some sort of survey job.
Lastly, let’s discuss online survey jobs for teenagers. Teenagers above the age of 16 generally have the same opportunities that adults have. However, the rules vary between paid survey panels so you need to check the rules and regulations of each one before you join (actually, they probably won’t even let you join if you’re too young).
Online Survey Jobs
I’ll close with a big finish. This is a question that I get asked literally every single day (and sometimes 4-5 times per day!): “How much can I expect to make from paid surveys?”. While I’m usually reluctant to answer this question I thought I’d finally get to it today.
The reason I don’t usually answer the question is because it depends on dozens — if not hundreds — of variables. All I CAN say is that as long as you a) join all free and legit panels, b) work hard and take a few surveys every day and c) position yourself to receive higher-paying surveys you’ll make the most possible. The “most possible” is what varies between people.
However, if I had to answer I’d say the minimum you’ll make with hard work is $300 per month and you can make up to $800 per month if you take a ton of surveys and are in a field that is in high demand from market research firms. With that, I wish you the best with working from home using paid online surveys.

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