Online Surveys for Kids to Make Money

by Spencer Mitchell on July 12, 2012

Ipsos Banner 1Not a week goes by without someone emailing me with the following:

Dear Survey Spencer,

I’m 14 and have been looking at legit surveys for money as a way for me to earn some extra spending money. But I’ve learned that most survey panels have a minimum age requirement for you to join. Are there any online surveys for money for kids out there that I can take? If so, which ones?

Thanks, fan

Kid Surveys for Money: Do They Exist?

If you’re a kid that want to make some money online, I highly recommend trying paid surveys as an option for you. But whether or not you qualify for online surveys for money for teenagers depends on how old you are.

If you’re a “kid” in the sense that you’re 12 years old or younger, then most surveys for money panels simply won’t accept you.

However, here are a few survey panels that accept people 13 or 14 years of age and up:

These sites are perfect for kids because they pay very well and are reliable. If you’re really serious about online surveys for money then I highly recommend signing up for them today.

How Surveys for Money for Kids Work

You may be wondering why most paid survey panels have a strict age requirement for you to join. After all, market research companies need opinions from people of all ages, especially teenagers. Teenagers are actually a massive consumer group that spends significant amounts of money on clothes, video games and electronics. Needless to say, like any new product, companies definitely want to see what kids have to say about certain products before they bring them to the market.

There are two reasons for that: reliability and a law known as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

While most kids will give their honest opinion on surveys, some won’t (honestly, the same could be said of adults!). To make sure that someone is old enough to understand and answer the questions in each survey, the panels had to put an age limit somewhere.

That age limit kind of set itself with the passage of COPPA. This made it illegal for any survey panel to gather opinions of anyone under the age of 13 online. Hence the reason that most survey panels have set their age limit at 13 or 14.

Kids Making Money from Surveys

Benefits of Money Making Surveys for Kids

There are many reasons that kids may want to give paid online surveys a try.

First, surveys for money pay pretty well compared to most teenager-type jobs, such as working at a restaurant or as a life guard. However, one downside of surveys it that you don’t get to socialize and meet new people at work –something many kids get a lot of value from. On the other hand, surveys for money give kids flexibility and allow them to take surveys whenever you want.

Next, these surveys can teach you a lot about how marketing, advertising and product development works.Take enough surveys and you’ll learn about the angles that corporations use to get you to buy things, making you a much smarter consumer.

Finally, surveys can often get you access to movie trailers and products that aren’t out yet. Imagine getting a beta iPhone delivered to your door or a stream of a movie trailer for a new move that no one has ever heard about. Oh, and you can actually get paid for trying them out!

All in all I would say that surveys for kids is a great way to earn some money, provided you meet the particular survey panel’s age requirements.

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