Opinion Outpost Review: Is This a Site Worth Joining?

by Spencer Mitchell on June 23, 2012

Survey Spencer’s Bottom Line:

I highly recommend that you join Opinion Outpost right now because it’s a high-paying survey panel.

If you’re looking for a legitimate place where you can get paid to take surveys you may want to consider Opinion Outpost. Because the idea of taking online surveys for money sounds so appealing, many people think that there’s some sort of Opinion Outpost scam going on.

As I can personally report from several years of working with them, this paid survey opportunity is far from a scam and is in fact one of the most highly respected and reputable survey sites going.

In fact, I’ve received over 45 checks from them that are worth about $5,000 in total (NOTE: They no longer offer checks. Instead, they pay directly to your bank account or via PayPal).

How This Survey Panel Works

Put yourself in the shoes of a massive Fortune 500 company, like Pepsi Cola. Your research and development team has just come out with a new drink that they think is going to be extremely popular in the next few years. But they’re not sure because they haven’t done enough testing. That’s where online surveys for money come into play. These large companies work with sites like Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost to find people like you and basically buy their opinion.

It sounds weird but it’s the only practical way they have of getting opinions direct from consumers.

And if you think about the massive amount of demand out there for new products (like the iPhone or other smart phones) you can start to get an idea of how many opinions market research companies need!

In-Depth Opinion Outpost Review

Because I’d been taking surveys at this site for years, I wanted to start fresh in order to do a proper review. This way I can see what it’s like to sign up now, and not in 2008 when I first joined.

Here is the screen you’ll see when signing up:

My Personal Opinion Outpost Review

As you can see on the right, they ask some questions about who you are. This isn’t to be nosy, it’s something that they have to do in order to qualify you for surveys. So please fill it in completely and honestly.

Right after you hit the “sign up” button you’ll receive a confirmation email. Once you confirm your email you’re almost ready to get started!

Unlike other survey sites, Opinion Outpost asks a LOT of questions about you, your family, your income, occupation, shopping preferences etc. Some people see this is a nuisance but it’s actually an appealing feature of the site.

Why? Because this helps them give you laser targeted surveys that pay MUCH more (upwards of $50) than general surveys for the masses.

Here is what you’ll be filling out in the member’s area:

Opinion Outpost Members Area

They call it “Member Profiles”, but it’s just another way of asking about your demographic information in-depth. Although this does take a bit of time (time you could be spending taking paid surveys no less!) please don’t skimp this step as this is the fast-track to earning from paid surveys on Opinion Outpost.

One other nice feature of this panel is that they have a pretty generous referral program, not unlike CashCrate. You get about $1 per referral you send their way –which can really add up if you have lots of friends!

Are They a Scam?

I certainty don’t think so. But to do a more thorough Opinion Outpost review, I decided to read some reviews online. Honestly, there were decidedly mixed reviews out there. Some people claimed that they did well with the site while many people complained that they had trouble getting payment due to “data concerns” (this is something that happens when the survey site thinks you’re just checking off random boxes).

However, sometimes people that fill out surveys honestly…and get mistakenly red flagged for “data concerns”. And while it’s somewhat rare, it does seem to happen more often with this survey panel than with others I’m active with.

There were also some scattered reports of missed payments, although I’ve never personally missed a payment with them. Oftentimes people that change their address or contact information without letting the survey panel know don’t get the check they were expecting. And since most of these missed payment reports were from 2007 or before, it seems that their digital payment system has eliminated this problem. So if you do see this reported, just keep an eye on the date to see if you’re reading an out of date complaint.

All in all I can say pretty confidently that Opinion Outpost is a legitimate website, although only #5 in my rankings.

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