Paid Survey Sites that Pay You Using PayPal

by Spencer Mitchell on October 30, 2012

Ipsos Banner 1When taking online surveys for money to make some extra cash from home, one of the things you want to consider is “How soon will I get paid?”.

Having a PayPal account can help speed up the process considerably. Using PayPal, which is free to sign up for and can connect directly to your bank account, you can sign up for the following online paid survey sites to quickly rack up points and rewards that you can turn into cash in your PayPal balance.

American Consumer Opinion – This paid survey site pays members anywhere from $2 to $50 per survey. Although most of the surveys are on the lower end of the payment spectrum, it’s still worth taking a look at. In order to qualify for the greatest number of surveys, you should be between the ages of 25 and 45 and have children living and home. Even if you don’t fit these criteria, however, you can still make money with American Consumer Opinion. The minimum payment amount to cash out your account is just $10.

LightSpeed Research Panel – One of the most popular Paypal-enabled survey sites, LightSpeed has beein in the market research business and online since 1999. They offer a variety of surveys you can qualify for, including quick match surveys and polls where you can give you opinion on a variety of topics, products and services. Another benefit is that they offer survey panels for members in a variety of different countries. – I’ve reviewed MySurvey more thoroughly here, but this is one of my top recommendations. MySurvey pays you via points, where 1,000 points equals $10. Beyond just cash to your Paypal account, MySurvey points can also be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards on the site. You can even choose to donate the cash to charity. One of thebest parts is that you earn points just for trying to qualify for a survey, so your time isn’t wasted on filling out a survey you ultimately can’t complete.

E-Search Survey – Established in 1995, E-Search is one of the oldest paid survey sites that also happens to pay you via Paypal. They do not send out surveys as often as some of their competitors, however the survey links they do send you are those they feel you’d generally qualify for, so you’re not misled into filling out lots of different surveys and only earning points or rewards for a couple of them in the end.Paypal Logo – QuickRewards has been around since 2002, and has many large advertising agencies on board including Disney, Amazon, Staples, Walmart and more. Participants get paid for a variety of tasks – not just surveys, but also shopping, playing games, clicking on ads and reading emails. On average, they pay out up to $10 per survey and reward you in the form of QuickPoints which can be redeemed for cash. The site also contains online coupons which you can print out and use at the aforementioned stores (plus many more) to save even more money.

Pinecone Research – This is one of the highest rated survey sites, and it’s easy to see why. They don’t accept “just anyone”. Rather, the only way to currently become a member is through an ad or a referral from another member. Once the survey interview is complete, they’ll place you into a certain demographic, and inform you via email when a survey comes up that you’re eligible for. You can then participate and get paid. According to their site, they pay well, on-time, and fairly.

Minefield Online Research – Minefield pays its members anywhere from $1-$6 per completed survey. With this site, it can take some time to reach the $10 minimum payment level, so you’ll want to fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible to increase the number of invitations you’ll receive to complete surveys you qualify for. Although this site doesn’t pay as much or as often as some of the others, it can help pay for your morning coffee! – Calling itself a “self-service survey site”, DollarSurveys just requires your email address and a Paypal account to get started. They pay $1 per survey as their name implies, and there’s no limit to the number of surveys you can take (although you may be limited in terms of what types of surveys you qualify for, as is the case with most “paid to” sites).

In some cases, you’ll be paid less than $1 (and they let you know this up-front on the site), but considering that there’s no lengthy registration process to slog through, it may be worth it for you.

Multiple Streams of Online Income

These are just a few of the main paid online surveys that accept Paypal. If you already have an account, it’s worth looking into a few of these to quickly research the minimum payment amount and set up multiple streams of simple online income. Remember to read the terms carefully for each site, and never pay for a survey site on the basis that you may receive more surveys or better payments.

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