Points2Shop Review: How Much Can You Make From This Site?

by Spencer Mitchell on November 30, 2013

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is take part in to participate in paid surveys.

I recently joined Points2Shop to see what it was all about. Combining surveys with other money making opportunities, Points2Shop is more like a survey community than just another paid survey panel. You’ll see why Points2Shop is now on my list of favorite survey sites that I regularly participate in.

Points2Shop 101

Signing up was fairly easy. I gave my name and address and basic contact information, and chose a username and password.

Here’s what their signup page looks like:


I was given a 250 point bonus for signing up. Once I was signed in, I could see along the top of the home page my pertinent information at a glance. I could see how many points, cash, merits, tickets, messages, and referrals I had, along with my current level. On the right hand side I could see the Shoutbox, where users can get and give advice, see what offers other users are completing, and see what other users have redeemed their points for.

After completing my registration, I was directed to the rewards page where I was asked to choose a reward as a goal. This was an optional step, but I like having a set goal in mind, so I browsed through the (many!) rewards. I chose a $10 Amazon.com gift card, which costs 1,000 points, as my first goal.

While I was watching the introduction video, I was greeted by a virtual helper on a chat screen. I didn’t feel like I was speaking to a robot, but like there was an actual person on the other end. He or she helped me out by welcoming me and sending me some links to helpful videos to get me started. He or she also answered a question I had about surveys. Later I found out that this is a system where senior members can earn additional rewards by helping out new members. I loved this feature and really wish more survey sites had it!

How The Site Works

Points2Shop brings together several ways to make money under one “roof”. Some of these are: taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for cash offers, and shopping online. You can earn one of several different things to be redeemed: points, cash, or merits. And when you’ve earned enough of one of those things, you can redeem them for items, money, or gift cards.

There are different honor levels on Points2Shop. I started out as new, but after placing my first order, made it to bronze level. Bronze level users have no spending limit on games. Next is Silver level, where users can get access to higher paying offers. This level is reached after you have earned $10 along with several other requirements. Next is Gold Level, where you can get instant PayPal payments, among other benefits. Next, there are Platinum and then Elite levels, where you’ll get 250 points upon earning them and have your username color changed in the Shoutbox. Then comes Diamond level, where you receive a free Points2Shop shirt. Finally there is the Legend level where you earn a 250 point bonus.

You also earn merits for completing certain achievements. So far I’ve earned the Reach Bronze Level achievement and the My First Prize achievement, and have 100 merits as a result. You can use your merits to join a team, and the team that donates the most merits earns cash. Trying to join a team was frustrating! Almost every team available either already had the maximum amount of members (five) or was locked. I really think it would be beneficial to have a search function added on that lets users view only open teams. After browsing a while, I was finally able to join a team: “The Awesomes”.

The Surveys

Of course, one of the main ways to earn points on Points2Shop is through online survey jobs. After filling out my basic demographic information, I was able to start taking them.

As you can see, the survey section is a bit cluttered, and offered surveys from several different survey panels.


To take surveys from those panels, however, you need to fill out all your information again for them, so I avoid those. To select basic surveys, I choose the “Our very best surveys” button. There, you can see a list of surveys and how many points you’ll get for each, along with how much time each survey should take. About an hour after completing a survey, I receive an email confirming that I have earned my points.

One thing I like is that Points2Shop offers double points for watching a video after the unsuccessful completion of a survey. I always appreciate when survey sites do something to compensate for surveys that can’t be completed, because it can be frustrating to go through several minutes of a survey…only to get no compensation for your time.

Other Earning Opportunities

There are many other ways to earn than just through surveys. You can access these opportunities in the Earnings Area.

There are cash offers that allow you to earn points by completing them. There is also a savings section where you can earn points through shopping, and a games section where you can earn points through playing games. There is a big selection of games to choose from to go with anyone’s gaming style, everything from word games to racing games. I personally like the Spin2Win game. On days where you have earned at least 50 points or 50 cents, you get a token and can use it to spin and win a bonus.

Like with CashCrate, you can also earn money through Points2shop’s referral program. You earn a one-time payment of $0.50 for every successful referral (meaning they sign up after being sent a link from you) and another $0.50 when they complete their first offer.

They also offer points for printing and using coupons. I use coupons anyway, so I love when sites let me earn points for using them. There are also videos that can be watched to earn cash or points, and the points always get instantly added to my account after watching the videos.

Another way to earn is through the contests section. There are contests to see who has the most referral and who has earned the most by completing cash offers. There are also team contests, where you can use your merits to contribute to your team score.


I found that the rewards on Points2Shop are very fun to browse through. You can buy anything from diapers to a Kindle Fire. There are many rewards categories to appeal to anyone’s likes, with categories like video games, beauty, apparel, musical instruments, and baby. Rewards range in cost from about 50 points or less for little knick knacks like stickers or erasers to tens of thousands of points for electronics and other big ticket items.

I have to say, I love that they offer actual products as rewards rather than cash payouts (although they do offer that as well). I feel like, with survey sites that pay cash, I end up getting the money and it gets spent somewhere on groceries or bills. Being able to pick an actual item makes the rewards seem more, well, fun! Money is great, but it’s also nice to be able to think, “I got this from taking surveys!” It makes the reward more tangible, in a way.

I was able to order my first reward, a tiny one, soon after I signed up. I chose an assorted candy mix as a little surprise for my daughter (and me!) The candy itself was only 66 points, but the shipping costs were 184 points. It probably would have been more worth it to save up the points for a bigger reward, but I wanted to try out ordering something. The process of ordering was a bit confusing though. On the order page, there is a part titled “Seller Substitutions” where they ask what you want them to do if a seller runs out of your item or if the price changes. The item I had chosen was ordered through Amazon, so that may be why the item is not under Points2Shop’s control. In any case, two days later I got the email that my order had been approved and would be shipped shortly.

iPad App
Since I use my iPad for most of my Internet use, I downloaded the points2shop iPad app. The app is a convenient place to do many of the things available on the website. You can answer surveys, play games, and even participate in their referral program.


It is plain and straightforward, just like the Points2Shop website. By going to your iPad’s Settings you can change around a few of your Points2Shop app’s settings. You can increase or decrease the amount of shouts, orders, messages, and referrals to be displayed on the app.

The app can be a little glitchy at times (at one point it kept redirecting me to the rewards section and wouldn’t let me leave it until I closed the app and reopened it) and the app only gets 3.5 stars out of 5 in the App Store. But it appears that it’s regularly updated so at some point this will probably be fixed.


So, is Points2Shop legit?

Overall, I liked my experience with Points2Shop. While I did find it hard to find surveys I qualified for, I did like that they offered so many other ways to earn points that I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I also love working towards an item as a reward rather than a cash payout.

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