Survey Savvy Review: Is It Legit?

by Spencer Mitchell on July 14, 2012

WARNING: I do NOT recommend Survey Savvy.

I highly recommend that you join My Survey instead because it’s a MUCH better-paying survey panel.

After seeing this site explode in popularity over the last few months I’ve decided to do a Survey Savvy review. Here you’ll learn whether it’s a panel that offers legit paid surveys. Here you’ll find information on why Survey Savvy exists and whether or not you can trust them.

Survey Savvy 2013 Review: What’s The Site about?

Survey Savvy is pretty much like any other survey panel under the sun: they exist to help people like you connect with large companies that are in need of your opinion. In exchange for your participation, the website offers rewards in the form of cash payments.

That’s all well in good, but it’s important to check out if the site is legit and isn’t just there to collect people’s credit card information and email addresses. Besides signing up, there’s some easy checks you can do to determine whether or not a website that offers paid surveys online can be trusted. The first place I tend to go is the Better Business Bureau, which offers people a free and unbiased history of the company. When I headed over there I was pleased to find that Survey Savvy has had a positive A+ standing with the BBB since 1993. That’s a sign of reliability if I ever saw one!

Next, I looked around forums to see if anyone has posted a bad experience with them. Compared to most paid survey sites out there, Survey Savvy has glowing reviews!

But there was one last step before deciding to pull the trigger and actually join the site: checking to see if they asked for any sort of payment. As I’ve stated in several of my legitimate online surveys for money reviews, you want to join sites that offer 100% free paid surveys. Happily, Survey Savvy past this test as well and I decided to sign up.

Joining Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy Review Logo

Joining Survey Savvy was an absolute breeze. All I had to do was enter some basic information about myself and I was good to go.

I then verified my email and filled out what’s known as my Member Profile and Member Portrait. In simple terms a member portrait is a brief bio about you, with a focus on your shopping and spending habits. This is so the website can better target paid surveys for you. As you remain a member of the site you’ll become eligible for “portrait opportunities” that allow Survey Savvy to learn more about you. Although they won’t officially say it, if you fill enough of these out you can become eligible for product testing and other exciting and rewarding market research opportunities.

Once that was taken care of, I found a fairly decent amount of surveys that I could take, ranging from $1 all the way up to $50. However, I should note that I didn’t actually qualify for the $50 survey after filling out the preliminary qualification survey. However, they entered me in a drawing to compensate for my time, which was definitely a nice touch! This is also something that Ipsos I-Say and (two other highly recommended survey panels) do as well.

Also, I found the user interface to be very user friendly and miles ahead of most other survey panels that I belong to (such as American Consumer Opinion).

Finally, they have an incredible referral system where you can actually make money just by referring your friends. For example, let’s say you’ve been using the site for a while and have made some decent money from it. Instead of just telling your friend about how much you love it, you can send them a special link via email or even IM. When they sign up you get rewarded! Amazingly, if they end up referring on of their friends some day, you also make a bit of money from that too. I recommend contacting them here for more details about that.

Survey Savvy Scam?

Almost everyone and their mom is asking whether Survey Savvy can really pay that much for people’s opinions or are they just a scam (by the way, you can learn more how to ID scams here. As you’ll quickly realize, this survey panel has none of the red flags that the article points out)? Although I had a fantastic experience signing up with them, perhaps others didn’t. I wanted to find out before I gave them my Survey Spencer stamp of approval in this Survey Savvy review.

I checked to see if there were any issues with the payouts at the site. Some sites promise the moon but make it hard for people to actually redeem their rewards. I didn’t find any of that reported in other Survey Savvy reviews. It looks like they do have a 4-6 week processing time for payouts, but this is normal. What I like about this site is that you only need $1 as a minimum balance to cash out.

The only complaint I could find is that they don’t have a ton of surveys for people to take. Fortunately, the surveys that they do have tend to be fairly high-paying. That’s just a reality of paid survey panels and why I advise people to join as many of them as possible.I hope you enjoyed reading this hands-on review. Even though they didn’t make my list of top panels doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether. It’s a decision only you can make.

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