Vindale Research Review: Scam or Legit Website?

by Spencer Mitchell on July 11, 2012

Bottom Line: I Highly Recommend Vindale Research.

I highly recommend that you join the survey panel today because it’s a high-paying survey panel.

Vindale research is one of the oldest survey sites on the internet. In this review I’m doing to try the site for myself and see whether or not there is a Vindale research scam going on. If you’re interested in paid online surveys, then you may want to consider adding them to your list of survey panels.

In short, they do have decent paying surveys and they tend to have more surveys available to people than most.

I Signed Up…Here’s What I Found

But before I decided to sign up at Vindale, I wanted to take a look around their site and their company’s history to see whether or not they look like a legit survey panel or were just another scam.

As I do with all online surveys for money sites, I first look at whether or not they require any sort of payment to join. In case you’re new to the paid surveys community, you should always run, not walk, away from any website that promises paid surveys in exchange for a membership fee. However, this isn’t always obvious as some survey panels have payments hidden in the fine print.

Looking through Vindale’s terms, policies etc. was boring…but enlightening. It turns out that they’re 100% free to join and never ask for any payments whatsoever. Usually, when I see this I tend to sign up for the survey panel right away.

Cash Payments at Vindale Research

Another thing I noticed about Vindale research was the fact that they did their payments in cash instead of points. One trend that’s absolutely taken over the paid online surveys industry is the fact that you often get paid for surveys through some sort of points system. While the payments through points are usually decent and straightforward, they aren’t for everyone.

For example, I much prefer to redeem my points for cash, either paid via check or into my account.

And I don’t appreciate having to convert my points into dollars in my head like I’m in some sort of foreign country! Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with Vindale as they tell you exactly how much money you’re going to make in plain dollars and cents.

Here is what the member’s account information looks like:

Vindale Research Member's Area

Speaking of payments, how much can you expect to earn per survey? Well, as with almost all paid surveys online, it depends on the type of survey that you take. In general, surveys that require a significant time commitment or specific area of expertise (such as medical surveys) pay more than short surveys than anyone can take.

In fact, Vindale lays out their surveys like this:

Evaluations: These are by far their highest paying surveys at Vindale. They state that you can earn upwards of $75 for trying out new products and services. Here’s more on how that works: First, you get invited to an evaluation if you meet certain criteria based on your demographic information.

However, to make sure you qualify, you’ll need to take a preliminary survey first. This usually only takes 5-10 minutes and is the market research company’s way of screening out people that don’t qualify. If you do qualify, you’ll get a test product sent to your door or you but it yourself (which your promptly compensated for).

Usually, the product evaluation is pretty specific and asks you a long list of sometimes bizarre questions about the product. Once you’ve completed the online form, you submit it and get paid! Trust me when I say survey panels that offer evaluations are much better than those that simply offer surveys as these product testing evaluations are so much more fun and better-paying!

Surveys: Next on the list are the surveys we all know and love. They emphasize on their website that you don’t have to pay anything to become eligible for their surveys (something that can’t be emphasized enough in my opinion!). Payments for surveys range from $1-5, including daily $1.50 surveys which can really add up fast!

Videos and Reward Mail:These are short and fun opportunities to make a little bit of money. They only pay 10 cents and up, but they’re usually much faster and more enjoyable than typical paid surveys. Definitely a great way to mix things up a bit!

Contests:Vindale too has caught the “contest bug” and offers people contests every weekday that payout up to $15.

Vindale Research: Should You Join?

After my hands-on experience with Vindale, I do think that the site is legit and has a lot to offer as a small part of your survey portfolio.

However, before I gave it my personal Survey Spencer seal of approval I thought I would take a look around the internet and read some other people’s Vindale research reviews.

People had both good and not so good things to say about Vindale. First, the good news. People are generally big fans of their “daily studies” which are lightning fast and pay $1.50. Importantly, as the name suggests, these are also available every single day without exception.

However, people weren’t so fond of the fact that you need to accumulate $50 before you can redeem your rewards (which is significantly higher than most sites). Another bone of contention for people is the fact that they sometimes pitch you for offers, such as a credit score. These offers do require a credit card but are optional to join.

Because of these drawbacks I recommend going with another panel if you want to get paid to take surveys.

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