VIP Voice Review: Should You Join or Not?

by Spencer Mitchell on August 27, 2013

If you’re wondering whether or not VIP Voice is a scam, read on as I sign up and test the service for you.

VIP Voice Review: How The Site Works

VIP Voice (formerly NPD Online Research) isn’t much different than many other survey sites on the internet, including, Synovate and others. In a nutshell, you register by entering your email address and a few basic questions about who you are.

After you confirm your registration by email, you’ll immediately become eligible for paid online surveys. Over time, as you accumulate points, you can redeem them for items such as laptops, gifts cards or cash deposited into your bank account.

VIP Voice is one of the oldest and most trusted survey websites on the internet that boasts over 2.5 million active members. In fact, they started way back in 1966 –decades before the internet came into fruition. Over the years VIP Voice has acquired exclusive relationships with top companies that are willing to pay for your time, effort and (most importantly of all) your opinion.

Importantly, they have glowing reviews from many people, including top bloggers and several forums.

As you know, reading reviews online isn’t enough for me. As Survey Spencer it’s my job to actually try the site myself and see what happens.

My Personal Experience With VIP Voice

When signing up for an online surveys for money website, one of the first red flags I keep an eye out for is whether or not they ask for some sort of payment. Many sites claim to be free (and are) but then offer you premium or platinum memberships in order to make you eligible for more and/or better surveys. Trust me when I say that these are 100% fraudulent and should be avoided and reported.

Fortunately, I let out a sigh of relief when VIP Voice didn’t ask for my credit card info or anything else about me. Unlike many other sites, they didn’t seem particularly interested in my spending habits, how much money I made or where I worked. Most of the surveys here are from massive companies that market to the general public. Of course, you can fill in more information about yourself to become eligible for targeted surveys, but this isn’t necessary to start taking paid surveys.

Most of the surveys in the VIP Voice member’s area are your typical “pick and click” style surveys (ie.”On a scale of 1-5 tell us how much you agree with the following statement” etc.).

I was really pleased to find that I was eligible for a product testing survey right from the get-go. In case you’re new to paid online surveys I should tell you that it’s rare that you can test products within the first few months of joining the site. Usually, companies want to make sure you’re reliable before sending expensive stuff to your doorstep (which makes sense to me).

Anyway, I was asked to participate in a survey testing new healthy granola bars. After carrying them with me for a few days I hopped into an online focus group, part of which you can see here:

VIP Voice Review Image 1

As you can see they asked me questions about how convenient the bars were to carry with me, to open and of course lots of stuff about how they tasted.  Needless to say I had a blast as a member of this focus group and got paid over $150 for it!

Are They The Real Deal?

From my experience and several others I can say with confidence that VIP Voice is an awesome survey site. I was lucky enough to be eligible for my focus group and I’ve heard that it’s pretty rare to get this opportunity. At the very least you should sign up for VIP Voice right away and start earning from their paid survey opportunities.

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